Practic Euroinstal - Construction Company in Danube Delta Tulcea, Romania

We are a construction company established in Tulcea County. We are in a permanent cooperation with our partners and clients in order to perform the proposed work to professional standards (red or turnkey houses, repairs of any kind and interior and exterior finishes, insulation, heating, electrical and plumbing, earthworks, roads, building hotels and accommodation in Danube Delta). The quality - price is for our company the most important objective for the period 2013 - 2014.

Practic Euroinstal Tulcea Constructions has experience in construction in Romania approx. 10 years and approx. 8 years in construction in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Italy). Our goal since the launch in Romania has been to provide the best quality services to their corresponding prices.

Over the years we managed to improve our work stylein order to develop and expand. We built office buildings, houses, villas, guesthouses and holiday homes, we worked with renowned companies. We started first works in Munster Germany in 1993, then in 1996 in Charleroi, Belgium, and in 1999 we started the first works in Visano, Italy .

Together with renowned architects of Romania, with new technologies and skilled people, we have overcomed all challenges finalizing any project. We believe together into a better future in an ecological environment respecting nature!!